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Oil pressure high

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  • Oil pressure high

    Looking for a bit of advice or if this had happened to anybody else.

    driving my car normally today Everything seems fine,

    put my foot down a bit in third car come on boost then just gurgled like it had blown all for spark plugs out. Then I noticed the oil pressure gauge in the centre of the dash had gone off the gauge.

    knocked the car into neutral come down to tick over and the oil pressure gauge come down but was still a lot higher than normal.

    tried the exact same thing again and the exact same thing happened again.

    My car is running coil packs, I would like to say it’s a coil pack going down or spark plugs but the oil pressure gauge thing has thrown me I’m hoping it’s not a hole in the piston.....

    any advice ??

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    Check the oilpressure with a external tester, might be something electric fault messing the signal to gauge
    since cutting out, i guess you have a bad earth or comnection making you problems


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      Been texting Dave Dp, he’s come up with Pressure relief valve stuck ?? (Oil pump ) sounds feasible to me,

      sodding cars lol

      looks like the engine is coming out


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        Normally at tick over with a warm engine the oil pressure relief valve would be closed and the pressure would maybe be 1.5 to 2 bar. So I don’t think a stuck pressure relief valve would be the case. Perhaps the voltage from the alternator is too high and messing up the reading of the pressure sensor?

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          What does the oil pressure gauge shown with ignition on, engine off?

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            If its a new VDO check that its not been thread sealed as it needs to earth from block, or there is another earth issue


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              Originally posted by c20tbo View Post
              If its a new VDO check that its not been thread sealed as it needs to earth from block, or there is another earth issue
              I was thinking exactly the same thing. I did the same mistake a while back. But otherwise, you need a proper mechanical gauge on there to check pressure first of all. Cheap fix if it’s fine.
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                I’m no expert but my oil pressure gauge needle rises when I use the electric windows. Only a few degrees but I think they are prone to electrical ‘interference’.


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                  If gauge off the clock most likely the wires come off it. It’s easy to remove sensor and test oil pressure with external gauge.



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                    The needle only goes of the gauge when it comes on boost but the car didn’t actually get to full boost because as it starts boosting it gurgles like it’s blowing the spark plugs out.

                    when you let the car take over the needle does come down but still sits higher than what it normally would do.


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                      I still think you have a electrical bug, rather a oilpressure problem... Check the pressure with another external tester.


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                        Any updates on this ?
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                          I've not had time to get in yet and now with this virus I dont when it will be

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                            Originally posted by Turbo Lag View Post
                            Any updates on this ?
                            Probably a little bit late but…., found a broken wire that was just earthing out now and then on the car easy fix when I found it


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                              At least you found the issue. Huge relief then.

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