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Help - temperature reading low after fitting new turbo ?

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  • Help - temperature reading low after fitting new turbo ?

    Hey guys

    my cossie has always been temperature at bang on half and then slightly higher but still within the bracket after some serious driving , even in summer (and I’m in Australia and that’s 35+ degree driving on the regular)

    but since refurubing the turbo and refitting , the temp gauge has never gotten back to half , always slightly under , and I noticed the last time I had driven I heard hissing u der the bonnet and noticed the header tank had coolant out of it .
    it’s the original Header tank and cap but have replacement but I’m thinking worst case head gasket but have absolutely no signs anywhere else , pressure tested the car less than 10000 kilometres ago and was all good ?

    Any thoughts or anyone had anything similar after fitting a new turbo ?

    I thought maybe the coolant return hose from the turbo or the banjo not incorrectly fitted ?

    any help be great don’t fancy doing a head gasket if can be avoided


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    It sounds like the sensor is not reading correctly. And perhaps the cap should be holding a bit more pressure. I think you can change it for one with a higher opening pressure.

    edit: I thought you meant the cap was letting coolant out. But perhaps you have a leakage somewhere. It would help if you can find where the hissing is coming from.

    '90 Cosworth 4x4
    '91 2.9 24v RWD Ghia