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Stock Three spoke Alloys

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  • Stock Three spoke Alloys

    This has been bugging me for years, back in the day my dad had a Ford Escort Cosworth LX with it being a L reg from1993.

    It had stock 3 spoke Ford alloy wheels, have searched Google a couple of times over the years and have never found any reference to there being Cosworth with that design of wheels.

    It was black lx model and had theses really wide sort of symmetrical 3 spoke alloys with the ford oval badge embossed in the middle on the plate that covers the bolts. Could always remember how it would rotate at slow speed just tumbling over.

    I don't have any family photos of the car and have tried searching for them online but can see any reference to them. Has anyone here head of them?

    My dad said it was one of the first 2000 that were built for motor sport and bought of from the Ford Garage in Carluke Scotland.

    I can remember my mum hated the car as the amount of tyres it would go through on the fronts, can remember as a kid seeing wires on the inside of both the front tyres as it must have had a really aggressive camber that just wore out the inside.

    Just asking here as it's one of things that has been bugging me for years.