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W reg escort cosworth.

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  • W reg escort cosworth.

    What's the deal with this one then gents?

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    been about for sale a bit that, built and registered late - i don't think it has an chassis number?


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      Aye I'm sure iv seen it before somewhere, says its DVLA recognised and recorded as an escort cosworth


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        My old mate Dave alwood built that car from a new trimmed shell from Ford, I actually helped get the new shell off the transporter!
        He built several around that time, that one was built for a guy that had a moonstone 3door, which he sold to pay for the escort, Dave was big in the Cosworth world back then and prepped a lot of rally/rally cross Cosworth's and had some good contacts at Borham, he had an Aladdin's cave of parts, I'm told there stashed away somewhere but I haven't seen Dave in 10 years.

        Back then you could buy a trimmed shell, doors ,boot, bonnet, dash, etc from ford

        When it was built there was nothing wrong with it at all it was exactly the same as a factory built car, I've not seen it in about 15 years tho


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          The previous owner is a member on here, he sold it back last year.


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            Is it the one from Cosworth 4 magazine?