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  • Pic upload

    Ok guys
    posting pics and images has been a pain in the arse for a while but I’ve stumbled across a site that may make things a bit easier. It’s similar to photobucket and tinypic
    I’ve been using it for a week or so without major dramas, it’s free and I haven’t had to register to use it so heres a few screenshots of the process.

    This will be the first screen you’ll see when you open

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    We’re going to concentrate on the three boxes including the one circled.
    the first drop down will open options to resize your image, generally the 15” monitor size will be sufficient to see what you need to see but it’s your choice.
    the next box down won’t need to be altered unless you want an expiry date for you image but I’d guess we won’t use that.
    the next box will take you to your pictures on device (I’m doing this on an iPhone)


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      So now so now I have access to my photo library, I’ll need to choose the image I want to use.
      as seen below I’ve chosen the photo of me mid way through my corona virus


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          If eveything gones right youll now see the screen above which will preview your image and also the screen below which will list the links to copy and paste into several different formats of social media
          We’ll be using the link with the [img] tags (below)


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            On the on the right hand side (circled) is a one click “copy” option which will save trying to highlight the link to copy/paste.


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              This link is now copied and ready to paste into the forum reply text box
              (See below)

              when thats done you’ll see the link as text rather than an image, before you complete your reply and press “post” just have a quick preview of your post which should show the image (rather than the text previously)


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                  My image being previewed before posting


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                    And now posted


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                      Job done

                      hopefully this may help a few people out until a vbulletin upgrade comes where we can have a one click pic upload available within the forum.
                      there is one available but another site I moderate on that has upgraded is having a few snags with it just now.


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                        Cool, image size is what puts people off mostly.


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                          Do you think people will laugh at my corona cut