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Does anyone use a Vito to tow a trailer?

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  • Does anyone use a Vito to tow a trailer?

    I've been offered a cheap 52 plate 108 cdi. Considering using it to tow my trailer. Which is a car trailer usually with my escort on.

    Currently use my discovery which does the job well. But I also run an escort van daily, and this would allow me to get rid of both the escort van and discovery. Plus it's got more space for when at track, Santa pod etc.

    Any input be helpful, I'm worried it might not be heavy enough.

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    just check the train weight mate, you want about a 5 tonne

    1/4 mile 9.52 @ 146mph so far


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      i have a 05 plate 108 and it towed my caravan really well they seem to be very low geared but not very fast, they are rear wheel drive and absolutely useless on slight mud, wet grass, snow etc etc


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        Use a MK2 109 diesel cdi for towing at work & its quiet decent with a twin axle beaver tail trailer on back
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