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AP rear 4 pot install pics

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  • AP rear 4 pot install pics

    Evening all

    I've started to try and fit my rear 4 pot AP kit today but I'm not entirely clear on how it all fits on. If anybody has any pics of the bracket fitted on the hub before the disc going on that would be helpful. It's a 5200 AP caliper in the leading position in the wheel, so drivers side it sits at 3 o clock and passenger side 9 o clock.

    The brackets I have have 3 holes in them, I'm guessing 2 go onto the hub face but what's the other threaded hole for?

    I can put up pics of my kit etc if needed.


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    Will have a look under mine Martin tomorrow and see what's what


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      Originally posted by POLARIS ESCOS View Post
      Will have a look under mine Martin tomorrow and see what's what
      Cheers Graham

      Here's my kit, discs have been sat for a while but will be cleaned up this week.

      I also have this lot, and figure 2 are for the caliper to bracket, 2 are for the bracket to hub, just not sure what the 2 short ones do!

      Did you keep the back plates Graham or did you cut them for the caliper?

      Thanks for your help.


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        Think I've read on here that Dave does a replacement back plate


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          how do they fit in the 3/9 oclock position on the rear,do you remove the back plate altogether?


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            I think I will keep the ford back plates but cut them down for the caliper to fit Nick