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Running hot rear spacers/wheels

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  • Running hot rear spacers/wheels

    Having a few problems with my rear spacers/wheels.iv got 19" leggeras with 30mm spacers . If I drive the car 30 miles the spacers are red hot and the wheels are VERY warm. Had the calipers refurbished over winter so they have brand new sliders,pistons and seals. New discs and pads aswell. The news discs are 325 but use the existing caliper. I did have a major ballache getting the handbrake cable on when we changed them and the fact that it's happening to both wheels simultaneously makes me keep coming back to that but it appears to be ok, Iv slackened it off as much as it will go but it's still happening. I Just noticed it the other night, but when I took the car out the garage at the weekend I did notice the handbrake had seized on, it gave a bit of a bang then the car moved away and I never thought anymore of it until this over heating started. Iv jacked the car up and the handbrake appears to be working properly, the wheels are turning freely. So I think the calipers aren't sticking. As far as I know it's just started doing this since Iv changed the brakes.
    I'm a bit stumped is there anything else I should check??

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    Might be wheelbearings, but strange if IT dont break all down if so hot...


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      If its both sides heating up it probably will be handbrake related,

      what is the caliper condition like? My calipers were ok to look at, but had worn down pads in for a long time, the pistons then get rough/corroded, then you put new chunky pads in and the rough piston is pushed right back inside the body and sometimes then binds a tiny bit, then once you're driving and going faster the friction gets worse with the heat build up, But once cooled can then seem ok. In any case id say a good strip and clean of calipers would help


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        I kinda discounted the wheel bearings as I thought it's very unlikely for both sides to go at exactly the same time.
        The calipers have just been refurbished with new sliders/piston etc
        The only real thing I can think of now is that while the car appears ok when it's in the air it might be different when under load and tightening the handbrake cable causing the friction?? How likely is this?


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          Take handbrakecabels of, and take a trip.